Uganda’s Official Language is English (ePDF)

The Constitution of the Republic of Uganda recognises 55 first nations of Uganda, which it refers to as "tribes"; and each of these 55 first nations have a language. However, none of our languages is recognised as an official language of our country, Ugandan. English, the language of those who colonised the territory now known… Continue reading Uganda’s Official Language is English (ePDF)

Uganda’s Exogenous Knowledge

During the colonial period, knowledge systems of the English, who colonised the territory now known as Uganda, were overtly enforced in the territory. The older generations of the descendants of ‘African-Ugandans’, for example, will recall how severely they were forced to learn English at school and to abandon speaking their own ‘African-Ugandan’ languages. Evidence of… Continue reading Uganda’s Exogenous Knowledge

English A Weapon of Mass Destruction

“I am now speaking English. I refer to the British language as a captured weapon we are now employing.” His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni speaking at the function at the residence of the British High Commissioner in Kampala for the 2017 Official Birthday celebrations of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and also the 65th anniversary of her reign.

English and Uganda Politics

Yesterday, Monday, 15th February 2016, I was a discussant on the radio programme: "Spectrum" on Radio One FM90 and I stated a fact thus: "There are nine districts in Uganda in which the ruling party, the NRM, has its candidates unopposed for the positions of members of parliament." My submission was located within the context… Continue reading English and Uganda Politics