Papa, a civil servant hero

The month of June for Uganda is one that is packed with activity that celebrates heroes. The controversial Uganda Martyrs' Day on 3rd June; the equally controversial National Heroes' Day on 9th June; and the equally controversial Fathers' Day on 22nd June. I wonder, can my late papa, be defined as heroic in his religious… Continue reading Papa, a civil servant hero

Ugandan men in uniform can be funny

"You, wewe, stop." And when I continued walking on. He jumps on his motorbike and rides towards me from behind, in order to scare me to stop. When the front tyre of his bike reached me, I stop and turn to face my aggressor. "Why are you taking photos?" he asks. I sense an Atesot… Continue reading Ugandan men in uniform can be funny

Sights of the Entebbe that I love

Nearly 53 years ago, I was born at Entebbe Grade B Hospital, now renamed, Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital. Yes, pretty much, Entebbe is my home. Anyway, recently, I took a walk in the previously not so posh area of Entebbe, but has now truly become the poshest area me thinks. You see, at first, I… Continue reading Sights of the Entebbe that I love

Value of Ancestors’ Graves

The hypothesis being that one can tell who the current actors on Uganda’s land scene are by how they answer the question: “What is the value of my ancestors’ graves?” Particularly, in the context of the increasing possibility that one might be forced to value one’s ancestors’ remains and their graves, when a particular kind… Continue reading Value of Ancestors’ Graves