Dr. Opolot thank you for Hopters Mixed Farm

Hopters Mixed Farm in Pallisa County is a great example of economics that works, me thinks. Yes, one of our own, a son of Pallisa County, a civil servant, an agriculturalist, Dr. Nakalet Henry Opolot, saved up and/or mobilized capital and has invested in climate smart agricultural enterprises for the benefit of our community double-double.There… Continue reading Dr. Opolot thank you for Hopters Mixed Farm

“If you cannot afford bread eat cassava” disaster

Nearly a year ago, on 21st June 2021, I published a blog post containing an advisory titled: "Improve diets not to eat food for self-esteem" from a student of public health, Emmanuel Olupot and in which I prayed to fellow Ugandans to: "Join me in calling on the President, the newly sworn in Cabinet and… Continue reading “If you cannot afford bread eat cassava” disaster

What should have been discussed on Labour Day

I recall reading a piece in which a non-Ugandan shared with glee that one of the major reasons she liked living in Uganda was because she could go to the market with the equivalent of ten dollars or less and be able to buy fresh food items, including loads of fruit and vegetables, that could… Continue reading What should have been discussed on Labour Day

All years since 2016 are hottest

I remember when it was reported by the Guardian Weekly (27.01/17) that scientists had declared "2016 WAS THE HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD." As a farmer I am absolutely devastated by this trend. Since 2016, we have hardly made good harvests as we used to. We are told to modernize and invest in irrigation systems, but… Continue reading All years since 2016 are hottest

‘Rolex’ & Russia-Ukraine war

Dear fellow Ugandans, some of you are content that the Russian-Ukraine war is far away and has no direct consequence to your daily lives. Wrong. Think about wheat-based goodies that Ugandans have come to prioritize in our diets – daddies, bread, cakes, etc. Food for thought, is there a celebratory function in Uganda these days… Continue reading ‘Rolex’ & Russia-Ukraine war