When ‘expert advice’ is the problem

"We have copied ideas and skills that work elsewhere and brought them to our part of the world. We teach the local people different styles and dissuade them the life styles that have withstood the test of times. We teach people that local foods are not good for nutrition and after some time we come… Continue reading When ‘expert advice’ is the problem

Branding in Ateso, the case of my “Atorot” brand

As I sought to brand products of my Alinga Farms using Ateso, the language of my people, the Iteso of Uganda, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, I crosschecked with the Ateso dictionary by Ongodia and Ejiet. In the Ongodia and Ejiet Ateso dictionary, the spelling of the Ateso word for flower is "Atorot".… Continue reading Branding in Ateso, the case of my “Atorot” brand

Modernisation & ‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The case of Teso. Change processes taking place in villages in Teso, include changes in the behaviour of Teso village dwellers from their traditional practices to those which mimic practices of Ugandan urban dwellers who have adopted practices normally characteristic of the global west. One such change in behaviour is the habit of drinking in… Continue reading Modernisation & ‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

Let us re-celebrate “grow to eat” over “buy to eat”

It started with me wanting to reduce the cost of buying banana leaves for cooking. So, last year in April 2020, in the midst of the first Uganda covid-19 induced lock down for the first wave of the pandemic, I asked our Catherine for banana suckers. Our bunch of matooke And now in the middle… Continue reading Let us re-celebrate “grow to eat” over “buy to eat”

Kadaga’s push for green jobs Machiavellian

About two weeks ago, a New Vision story headline, “Museveni backs Sh200b job creation programme,” caught my attention. A headline that excites, but, in the context of Uganda, is also truly Machiavellian. Let me explain, using one of the job creation programmes included in that story, the “Green Jobs Programme,” which was described as: “The… Continue reading Kadaga’s push for green jobs Machiavellian