Ladies, stop woman-on-woman cyber bullying as well

I have seen on a social media profile of a slay queen (I presume) a picture of the wedded wife of Kakwenza Rukirabashaija carrying her baby boy, both mother and child looking visibly distraught. I assume that the picture was taken at one of the times when her husband was tortured and in detention. She… Continue reading Ladies, stop woman-on-woman cyber bullying as well

What is needed to defeat gender-based violence

I wrote this before I became a victim of sibling-on-sibling gender-based violence; albeit now, I am a determined survivor who is legally fighting back with all she has got. Meanwhile, each word that I prior wrote has taken on enhanced meaning for me. I wrote: “A common misunderstanding or distortion of gender in Uganda is… Continue reading What is needed to defeat gender-based violence

Discourse analysis & fact check of Police statement on Nabulime

Uganda Police Force (UPF): "The mother/housewife identified as Nabulime Dorothy, aged 22" has a "two-year-old daughter." ME: Which means she was a child bride and is a child mother. UPF: "The mother showed no sympathy, compassion and love, expected from a mother towards her 2-year-old daughter. Upon arrest, she was subjected to a mental health… Continue reading Discourse analysis & fact check of Police statement on Nabulime

Women, break the silence…

"Breaking the silence is the first step of transforming the culture," so it is said and it is hoped. The all female cast of "Shame on your hand" opening this weekend at the National Theatre are taking action and doing just that. Accept their invitation. Buy a ticket and show up for them and for… Continue reading Women, break the silence…

Timely succession law

Listening to the "Spectrum" talk show on Radio One FM90 on the evening of 12th May 2022, I was happy to hear and to be educated on the highlights of Uganda's new succession law. I loved to learn the fact that "the law under section 27 now maintains the traditional heir to a deceased person,… Continue reading Timely succession law