Holy & Golden Rice = #Hunger 4 #Poor

During the Radio One FM90 Talk Show, “The Friday Panel on Spectrum”, on Friday, 17th February 2017, His Worship the Lord Mayor of Uganda’s Capital City, Kampala, Hon. Erias Lukwago, aptly pointed out how discussions of Pastor Kakande’s “Holy Rice” had diverted attention from the real challenge of raging hunger and famine now prevailing in… Continue reading Holy & Golden Rice = #Hunger 4 #Poor

Agriculture: Globalization has made youth lazy

There are fewer hand hoes in villages because 'globalization' has made youth lazier.

Unity in AU Summit

African leaders meeting, where they are all together, is a very good thing. We should not present ourselves on the world stage as tiny little countries, and therefore, once in a while we need to use symbolism. An achievement, yes it is of regular meetings of African leaders showing that we are united. This is… Continue reading Unity in AU Summit