Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System

Questions are valid to ask: Moses Ssekibogo (aka Mowzey Radio) RIP @ The Independent Would things have turned out different, if Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio had had access to a first class healthcare service shortly after he was beaten unconscious? Would things have turned out different for him if it had not been necessary… Continue reading Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System

#AgeLimitUg Vs Public Health Policy

Was there a PUBLIC TOILET nearby? How near or far was the nearest PUBLIC TOILET? And what is the condition of that PUBLIC TOILET? The lack of PUBLIC TOILETS in the whole of Uganda is legendary, including in those places considered 'developed' and where the 'developed' live. One is reminded of one's own experience observing Ugandans who are "badly off ", as Mr. Abiriga was, having no choice but to ease themselves by the roadside.

Akena Died of Sick Healthcare System

Akena died of a bullet wound, likely because of Uganda’s sick health care system. This is how so: Different clinics couldn’t take him as they usually have inadequate emergency care capacity to handle such cases. Or, perhaps, because they fear ‘dumping’ patients in their facilities. This is common for hit and run accident drops by… Continue reading Akena Died of Sick Healthcare System