“Doctor in the house,” my guide to good health

There is this reality television series that airs every morning (Uganda time) on DSTv's "CBS Reality" channel, that is called: "Doctor in the house". In each episode, four doctors are invited into the lives of a family. The doctors observe the families' every day living - whether they do exercise or not; how they do… Continue reading “Doctor in the house,” my guide to good health

Tuberculosis shaped Fashion COVID shaping?

Let me start by sharing my experience yesterday in search of a health facility which still had dozes of AstraZeneca in stock. Our journey started at the Uganda Virus Research Institute Clinic in Entebbe, where we were told the dozes were over. They are just waiting for new stock. When it will arrive, they did… Continue reading Tuberculosis shaped Fashion COVID shaping?

82 percent Lira Hospital Covid-19 patients recover

The cumulative number of covid-19 patients that Lira Hospital has presumably successfully managed was 601 as at 18th June 2021. However, the statistic that was instead first highlighted in the “Lira Regional Referral Hospital Covid-19 Update as at 18th June 2021,” was the scary cumulative number of 734 covid-19 infected people that the hospital had… Continue reading 82 percent Lira Hospital Covid-19 patients recover

Sights of the Entebbe that I love

Nearly 53 years ago, I was born at Entebbe Grade B Hospital, now renamed, Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital. Yes, pretty much, Entebbe is my home. Anyway, recently, I took a walk in the previously not so posh area of Entebbe, but has now truly become the poshest area me thinks. You see, at first, I… Continue reading Sights of the Entebbe that I love

Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System

Questions are valid to ask: Moses Ssekibogo (aka Mowzey Radio) RIP @ The Independent Would things have turned out different, if Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio had had access to a first class healthcare service shortly after he was beaten unconscious? Would things have turned out different for him if it had not been necessary… Continue reading Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System