Hon. Among brings gender & region balance at top echelon

Purely from a gender perspective, Hon. Anita Annet Among, is the best candidate to be elected Speaker to replace the late Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah now rested. This is because, with the late Oulanyah as Speaker, the three arms of government - the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary - were all headed by men.… Continue reading Hon. Among brings gender & region balance at top echelon

No rush for Speaker election

"When the friends that saw small-pox go through our homestead ... people will be finished because the insides of the people are bad! This will be the gift that the political parties have brought." Okot p'Bitek's Song of Lawino. Yes, sadly, in Uganda, Okot's prediction has escalated to the worst point ever. "The breakdown in… Continue reading No rush for Speaker election

Mbidde magniloquence pakalast

Hon. Mukasa Fred Mbidde is described on his Wikipedia profile as a lawyer, a human-rights activist, a mass communication specialist, a motivational speaker and a politician. Indeed, an apt description of him, except, perhaps, the “mass communication specialist” accolade. This I doubt, purely on the basis of Hon. Mbidde's use of the English language in… Continue reading Mbidde magniloquence pakalast

The issue of police welfare

Our Deputy Speaker, the Right Honourable Anita Annet Among, is truly a master of messaging via symbolism. That move she pulled to go to the vigil of the late Police Officer, Robert Bweyamba, at the late's home, was a top notch maneuver using symbolism. At the time of his death, the late Bweyamba had was… Continue reading The issue of police welfare