Food is a basic need and the highest priority human right

Start first with Uganda's hospitals and healthcare facilities where it is the norm to find malnourished patients struggling to afford food.

#Youth of #Uganda = Ms. Rebecca Alekur

Utilising the grounds of their rented home and road reserve land in the Central Division of Lira Municipality in Lira District in Lango in Northern Uganda, Rebecca and her brother Dickens are growing vegetables, fruits and other food items which are earning them daily income. In addition, Rebecca makes fabulous mandanzi as well for sale.… Continue reading #Youth of #Uganda = Ms. Rebecca Alekur

Going back to our roots

On Saturday, 9th May 2015, I had the opportunity to make a presentation at a TEDx Kiira event at the Serena in Kampala Uganda. This is the full text of my presentation. “The future is today” - theme of this event - fits well with my talk. The essence of my talk is to remind… Continue reading Going back to our roots


While we celebrate the arrival of the rains for our first cropping season 2015, we are also apprehensive of a major change in our agricultural system – the allocation to the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) the role of logistical distribution of planting material; a role which has been removed from trained agricultural extension workers.… Continue reading AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE AND THE UGANDA PEOPLE’S DEFENCE FORCES