Burden of Uganda’s Bastardized Westminster System of Government

While 71 percent of the nation's budget for fighting the tuberculosis epidemic in the country, albeit it being silent one, the time and resources that Uganda is investing in parliamentary campaigns and in elections is huge. How does this make sense?

Right to Freedom and Right to Abuse

Nearly one year ago, I wrote a post on Linkedin titled: “Uganda is Notorious Once More”, in which I shared my discomfort as follows: What with DR STELLA NYANZI catapulting Uganda back to our status of that notorious country. Good God! I dread the next time I participate in international fora, and it is going… Continue reading Right to Freedom and Right to Abuse

Misogyny so deeply rooted

What is with the "thank you for not shaming me" thingy at marriage ceremonies? You know, when the bride goes on her knees and thanks the groom for not shaming her, by not showing up for THEIR marriage ceremony. This is on my mind. I think it is a symptom of deep rooted misogyny that… Continue reading Misogyny so deeply rooted

#TheHumanistView: Happy New Year

In 2016 The Humanist View (THV) increased the number of views that it received from 16.6 thousand views that it received in 2015 to nearly 29.4 thousand views; a 43.5 percent increase. The number who visited THV increased from slightly over 9.8 thousand visitors in 2015 to nearly 17.3 thousand visitors in 2016; a 43.4 percent… Continue reading #TheHumanistView: Happy New Year

Akena died of Uganda’s sick health care

Akena died of a bullet wound and Uganda’s sick health care system Different clinics couldn’t take him as they usually have inadequate Emergency Care capacity to handle such cases or perhaps because they fear ‘dumping’ patients in their facilities- common for hit and run accident drops by Good Samaritans. Mathew then drove to Nakasero Hospital… Continue reading Akena died of Uganda’s sick health care