What should have been discussed on Labour Day

I recall reading a piece in which a non-Ugandan shared with glee that one of the major reasons she liked living in Uganda was because she could go to the market with the equivalent of ten dollars or less and be able to buy fresh food items, including loads of fruit and vegetables, that could… Continue reading What should have been discussed on Labour Day

Easter Saturday food prices

Eggs - half a tray (15 eggs) - Shs 4,600 (which is about Shs 300 per egg)Irish potatoes - 12 small ones - Shs 2,000 (which is about Shs 167 per potato)African egg plants - 26 pieces - Shs 800 (which is about Shs 31 per eggplant)Eggplants - 3 pieces - Shs 1,000 (which is… Continue reading Easter Saturday food prices

Bank of Uganda policy framework questionable

While, in 2013, commercial banks reduced their lending rates, it seems that none have reduced them back to the original rates pre-2011. This status quo does not facilitate improvement in the food security situation of Ugandans.

Control food prices

The most appropriate policies for Uganda, it would follow, would be those that ensure that food prices in Uganda are controlled so that Ugandans are able to buy food at any given time.