100 years on earth you rested, fare thee well ija Mangada

She who babysat my father, the Chief now rested, his sister, my ija (aunt) Akia Magdelene, and whom we popularly and fondly knew as ija Mangada, rested on Wednesday, 24th August 2022, aged an estimated 100 years. I was battling a common cold, which necessitated medication, and so was not able to go and physically… Continue reading 100 years on earth you rested, fare thee well ija Mangada

What must we think of Religion?

What must we think of organised religion when we read: “The Rt. Rev. Michael Okwii Esakan has raised 19 complaints against the Rt. Rev. Charles Oode Okunya of the Reformed Anglican Church.” Among the 19 complaints raised are “illegal and forceful conversion of church land; denying access to church property – like places of worship;… Continue reading What must we think of Religion?

My mother a woman of valor

I watch toto, my mother, Mrs. Betty Anne Apio Owaraga, as she endures abuse from those she opened her home to and raised. I watch her as she weighs the options and chooses the ones that serve her children best, even though sometimes it comes with considerable cost to her. But still and with grace… Continue reading My mother a woman of valor

Papa, a civil servant hero

The month of June for Uganda is one that is packed with activity that celebrates heroes. The controversial Uganda Martyrs' Day on 3rd June; the equally controversial National Heroes' Day on 9th June; and the equally controversial Fathers' Day on 22nd June. I wonder, can my late papa, be defined as heroic in his religious… Continue reading Papa, a civil servant hero

Residences for orphans better protected by succession act

"To his credit, Daddy allocated each of his three marital homes to the respective wife and children living there. Polygamous men should be wealthy enough to bequeth each wife an independent home. I was prepared to fight to the death if any outsider had been given my mother's residential home. Phew!!" Dr. Stella Nyanzi, 2014,… Continue reading Residences for orphans better protected by succession act