Angry ghost of Oulanyah

I remember as a child, I was in awe of my late paternal grandmother, my tata. You see, we would be sitting in her front yard, threshing millet or winnowing millet or doing other post-harvest handling activity, and on occasion a spiral wind would blow over. And my grandmother would rush to cover "the eye"… Continue reading Angry ghost of Oulanyah

History – Speakers of Uganda Parliament 1996 to 2022

The 6th Parliament was the first of its kind as we define Parliament of Uganda today. After having chaired the Constituent Assembly from 1994 to 1995, aged 51 years, in 1996, Mr. James Wapakhabulo (RIP), a lawyer and of the Bagisu of Small Eastern Uganda descent, became the first Speaker of the 6th Parliament. He… Continue reading History – Speakers of Uganda Parliament 1996 to 2022