Government creating land rights for men at expense of women

Yesterday, 31st August 2022, Dr. Margaret A. Rugadya (PhD) brought to our attention her paper titled: “Titling of Customary Tenure is not a fix for Women’s Land Right: a review of Evidence and Practice”, published on 1st July 2020. She did so as she delivered the keynote at the launch to the Stand For Her… Continue reading Government creating land rights for men at expense of women

How to break the gender bias

At the death of my grandmother, I inherited her house which my father built for her. My inherited house is part of our ancestral homestead. I have deep roots on our ancestral land. Yes, scary for whoever thinks of uprooting me from our ancestral land. My Alinga Farms is located on about four acres of… Continue reading How to break the gender bias

Perspectives from Teso on Women’s land rights

Today, Friday, 30th July 2021, at 02:00 p.m. I will deliver a keynote address to set the stage for the second Teso Land Dialogue Series organised by Ateker Professionals' Initiative for Development (APID). The theme for today's dialogue is: "Women's Land Rights from a Cultural Lens: Perspectives from Teso." The event will be hosted on… Continue reading Perspectives from Teso on Women’s land rights

Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure

For me, this is how I am doing it in my world of academia, as a practicing anthropological researcher, who has a specific interest in the preservation and natural evolution of knowledge systems of my people, the Iteso of Uganda. When, for example, I receive a request to participate as a respondent to a study… Continue reading Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure

Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

“This is to show how tall the grass can grow after letting this paddock lay fallow for four months. Grass grows by itself when you leave it for about four months.”President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni This was the caption to a photo that was published on the ‘Face Book wall’ of President Museveni in November 2017.… Continue reading Rotational Grazing African Wisdom