Description versus abuse

Yesterday, as I was pampered by my manicurist-pedicurist, a conversation ensued in the beauty parlour about how abusive Ugandan youth are these days. It was specifically triggered by the trending incident in which the outspoken, controversial, youthful, dreadlocked, city lawyer, Isaac Ssemakadde, debated Kampala Central Member of Parliament, Muhammad Nsereko. During the debate, on live… Continue reading Description versus abuse

Expat Gaze Part 5 – Ugandans’ language

“Among Ugandans, nobody swears. Everybody is at least bilingual - English and your home language.”Francisco Toro It is quite likely that because of the power dynamics between Toro and the Ugandans that he associated with, he never ever heard any of them swear in his presence. This does not mean that “nobody swears” in Uganda.… Continue reading Expat Gaze Part 5 – Ugandans’ language

The Power of Language

Anne Kasiime's Mrs. Karemera is an “advocator of conspiracy, an advanced aspect of constitutional concepts of indigenous aspects.”