Amin & decolonisation of Uganda

Turns out, Uganda's former President Idi Amin, now rested, did not simply pay lip-service to the much needed decolonisation of Uganda. During his reign, he decreed and championed the removal of overt symptoms of the legacies of colonialism. Reading an article by Faustin Mugabe, published in the Daily Monitor, it was refreshing for me to… Continue reading Amin & decolonisation of Uganda

Origins of “Bukedi” – could it derive from Ateso?

I have just had an interesting telephone conversation with Professor Samwiri Lwanga Lunyiigo who insists that the word “Bukedi” (plural) is a Luganda word derived from the word “Mukedi” (singular); which words refer to people that are either half naked or fully naked (not wearing clothes). However, Prof. Lunyiigo acknowledged that he was not certain… Continue reading Origins of “Bukedi” – could it derive from Ateso?

Bukedi is the land of the naked people?

"Bukedi - literally 'the land of the naked people.'"Joan Vincent quoted by Dr. Ben Jones in his book: "Beyond the state in rural Uganda." "Eeeh!," was my reaction when I read how my homeland got its name. I immediately asked myself, "how come I did not know this?" So, I went on a Google search… Continue reading Bukedi is the land of the naked people?

Makerere fire is ancestors’ warning: decolonize

These past couple of days, I have been reflecting on the power of a name. Specifically, the meaning to which we attach to our name; the meaning that others attach to our name; and what reactions our name elicits. Does our name keep us rooted within the culture of our ancestors or does it render… Continue reading Makerere fire is ancestors’ warning: decolonize

Iteso naming rituals are disappearing

People have studied – have gone to school – have attained formal global-western education, and are in their work places there. When a child is born, it is no longer the case that the father of the child will even bother to ask the elders that: "a child has been borne what name should it… Continue reading Iteso naming rituals are disappearing