14 million mentally ill, many in prolonged grief

“Grief is such a difficult one. Thanks for sharing this article,” commented Guardian Lane in reaction to my blog post titled: “Tears of an orphan,”  which I shared on Linkedln with the following introduction: “Coping with grief sometimes includes being able to talk about it or to write about it. And so I write. Often… Continue reading 14 million mentally ill, many in prolonged grief

Against all odds health workers doing good job

The way in which the narrative on the Kasule-Mityana-Hospital tragedy is presented in the media is consistent with the tendency among us Ugandans to promote a misrepresentation of our health workers. @NTV Uganda Reportedly, sadly, Mrs. Kasule lost two of her triplets and without the intervention of Prime Minister (PM) Robinah Nnabanjja, she would have… Continue reading Against all odds health workers doing good job

Improve diets not to eat food for self-esteem

"I am a student of public health and in health perspective its right to eat traditional foods as they build our security organs and improve on the immunity. This is true for organic foods, unlike inorganic foods that have been modified. Look at a future trend as these foods are disappearing. What will happen to… Continue reading Improve diets not to eat food for self-esteem

82 percent Lira Hospital Covid-19 patients recover

The cumulative number of covid-19 patients that Lira Hospital has presumably successfully managed was 601 as at 18th June 2021. However, the statistic that was instead first highlighted in the “Lira Regional Referral Hospital Covid-19 Update as at 18th June 2021,” was the scary cumulative number of 734 covid-19 infected people that the hospital had… Continue reading 82 percent Lira Hospital Covid-19 patients recover

COVID task force needs cultural anthropologists

Hands down, in comparison to the others, the Government of Uganda under the National Resistant Movement (NRM) administration, led by His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta T. Museveni, initially did a commendable job of enforcing prevention of the spread of covid in Uganda. The evidence to support this assertion is there. For example, the following statistics… Continue reading COVID task force needs cultural anthropologists