Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

No longer designate, and with a full mandate since her approval by Parliament, no doubt, the Prime Minister Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah and her team are doing their very best to do better than her predecessor in handling of covid-19 lock down relief packages to ‘needy Ugandans'. Unlike her predecessor, Rtn. Hon. Nabbanja’s team has… Continue reading Lock down relief a band-aid on failed policies

Modernisation & ‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The case of Teso. Change processes taking place in villages in Teso, include changes in the behaviour of Teso village dwellers from their traditional practices to those which mimic practices of Ugandan urban dwellers who have adopted practices normally characteristic of the global west. One such change in behaviour is the habit of drinking in… Continue reading Modernisation & ‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Commenting on my analysis in which I used the changing composition of atap, the staple food of Iteso, the fifth largest first nation of Uganda, to demonstrate how Iteso food is being degraded readers of this website commented thus: “Thanks for highlighting articulately the importance of indigenous foods in our diets. Socio-cultural change must be… Continue reading Call to protect & promote our indigenous food

Food Systems versus‘urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The commercialisation of millet – growing it to sell to ajon commercial brewers - has caused a reduction in the availability of millet for food... And re-allocation of land from production of sorghum for food to production of Epuripur is a form of covert land grabbing which devastates food security in Teso.

Iteso Food Degraded – Atap Composition

There is evidence that ‘Urban-slumitisation’ of Iteso villages, which is done in the name of “development” or “modernization” and which has stealthily changed the way in which land and food crops are utilized, has significantly contributed to degrading the composition of atap. Atap of millet. Atap, often mistranslated as millet bread, is the staple food… Continue reading Iteso Food Degraded – Atap Composition