Food System of Iteso Degraded – Part II: ‘Urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The commercialisation of millet – growing it to sell to ajon commercial brewers - has caused a reduction in the availability of millet for food... And re-allocation of land from production of sorghum for food to production of Epuripur is a form of covert land grabbing which devastates food security in Teso.

Iteso Food System Degraded – Part 1: Atap Composition

Atap is the staple food of the Iteso people of Uganda (Lawrance 1957). The Iteso are the fifth largest first nation of Uganda (Uganda Bureau of Statistics 2006), making up at least 6.4 percent of the country’s population. They predominantly occupy Teso Sub-region, which is a significant section of north-eastern Uganda. Atap is often mistranslated… Continue reading Iteso Food System Degraded – Part 1: Atap Composition

Modernizing Agriculture Impact on Land Use

The President Museveni led National Resistance Movement (NRM) Administration promotes a single story that there is a need to modernize Uganda's agriculture from 'subsistence farming' to commercial farming. This single story suggests that commercialization of agriculture will usher in better utilisation of Uganda’s land that is claimed currently underutilized by the majority who are categorised… Continue reading Modernizing Agriculture Impact on Land Use