Patriots, let’s talk leadership

Dear true patriots,There has to be a minimum standard of moral conduct expected of one representing the President and or delegated by the President. RDC Akullu Gillian Omara's conduct is not it. In fact, one with such unacceptable conduct shouldn't be among those that the President chooses to represent State House Uganda as a Resident… Continue reading Patriots, let’s talk leadership

Women of Karamoja to be marginalized no more!

In December 2019, as the keynote speaker at the first ever Karamoja Women's Conference, I asked women of Karamoja thus: "Through a qualitative lens, are you, the women of Karamoja, convinced that the two Karimojong men in Cabinet are able and are fully equipped to represent the Karimojong women’s voice during policy initiation and discussion… Continue reading Women of Karamoja to be marginalized no more!

Ugandan Farmers Are Not Peasants

The implications of an industrialised economy with a developed service sector, as it is espoused in that vision, implies that smallholder farmers and semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in rural areas of Uganda, necessarily have to cede ownership of their land to others better positioned to use it in “optimal” ways. Those currently mal-described as “peasants” are required to transform into landless labourers and service providers and to be like the majority of the British, who are landless labourers.

Unopposed Presidential Candidates Worrying

This unopposed business is a double edged sword, one thinks. It could cut both ways, but for Uganda now, taking in our historical challenges of failure to peacefully transition power from one president to another, one is inclined to believe that it will cut the other not so good way.

Uganda at 56 – A Citizen’s Wishes

You are the economist, Mr. President, and from where I sit your leadership, over 30 years of it, seems now experiencing diminishing returns. It is time to retire.