Memorial libraries needed

“Yoga (greetings) Norah, I am delighted to come across your blog. I have been enjoying your work on Radio One’s Spectrum Extra and now I am more than happy to continue loving your wonderful work. Eyalama noi (thank you very much)."Ilemut L’Okwii Emorukalet L’Omagoro, Ateker (clan) – Ibwongo Ikaribwok, Etale (totem) – Eswei (mushrooms), Katakwi… Continue reading Memorial libraries needed

Papa rested, a library burnt

Born on 12th August 1934 to the late Ejakait Isirairi Okalebo and Ajakit Amoding, and belonging to the Atekok Icumadeka Clan of the Iteso of Uganda, today, Saturday, 19th February 2022, the remains of Papa Emorimor Osuban, who rested, will be interred at his family’s ancestral burial grounds in Serere. Papa Emorimor Osuban’s earthly voice… Continue reading Papa rested, a library burnt

Toto Akaliait on my mind

Today, Wednesday, 16th February 2022, as the aipuduno ceremonies of Papa Emorimor Osuban continue, on my mind is Her Royal Highness Toto Akaliait Agnes Agwang Osuban. Born on 22nd August 1945, to the late Ejakait Konstantine Aisu and Ajakait Arupina Acom, Toto Akaliait Agwang is of well-to-do ancestry. Her late father, Ejakait Aisu, was a… Continue reading Toto Akaliait on my mind

A patriotic civil servant

Today, Tuesday, 15th February 2022, as part of the week-long aipuduno ceremonies for Papa Emorimor Osuban, now rested, there will be a requiem mass held at Kololo Independence Grounds with 500 dignitaries, including His Excellency the President of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kagutta Tibuhaburwa Museveni, in attendance. You see, in 1979, albeit for a short… Continue reading A patriotic civil servant

Edeke, Iteso god of calamity

Today, Monday, 14th February 2022, there will be a requiem mass held at Namugongo Catholic Shrine, starting at 10:00 a.m., as part of the aipuduno ceremonies for Papa Emorimor Osuban, now rested. His soul will be prayed for to find eternal peace and the love of God, Edeke in Ateso. Interestingly, prior to colonisation and… Continue reading Edeke, Iteso god of calamity