Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

“This is to show how tall the grass can grow after letting this paddock lay fallow for four months. Grass grows by itself when you leave it for about four months.”President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni This was the caption to a photo that was published on the ‘Face Book wall’ of President Museveni in November 2017.… Continue reading Rotational Grazing African Wisdom

GOU to import exotic animals for beef

We are encouraging our farmers, our cattle keepers, to start looking at agriculture in a different way, because they are selling only when they want money for school fees, someone is sick in the home. But now we want to introduce selling for cash and making our beef export a big industry. We are going… Continue reading GOU to import exotic animals for beef

Disruption of Karimojong Pastoralists’ Lives

This analysis is authored on the premise that there is a need to examine how historical factors, cultural factors, social institutions – formal policies, informal beliefs and traditions - have facilitated or not the ability of Karimojong to produce their own food; to earn and afford food; while enjoying their chosen way of life as… Continue reading Disruption of Karimojong Pastoralists’ Lives


This morning as I drank my cup of Star Cafe coffee with a splash of Fresh Diary milk – enjoying made in Uganda products and doing my educative search and read rounds on face book, I happened on an absolutely useful article by Simon Peter Longoli, titled: Cattle Crisis. This article backed with grassroots testimony… Continue reading KARAMOJA’S CATTLE ECONOMY IN CRISIS