Plagiarised? Name and Shame!

To you my friend, Ajt Ikirimat Grace, I say, boldly name and shame the one you have found to have: “Copied my work (90%) for his Masters Degree Thesis and has not referenced my work either. I have run the plagiarism software tests on a few pages and the results show ranges of between 88-100%… Continue reading Plagiarised? Name and Shame!


"The copy-paste culture needs to be eradicated, and academia needs to be proactive and relentless. Change starts from these "ivory towers" of knowledge," writes Timothy Laku.

“What puzzles you about Africans?”

I have zero tolerance to plagiarism, a crime for which I have been victim, and as Kalyegira did, when I found out I named and shamed.

Plagiarism crime of passing other’s work as yours

On Wednesday, 20th April 2016, as I did my early morning read-and-write session, I did a Google search for an article that I had authored in the past. In the Google search engine I typed in the key words for the article and several links came up including the ones to my article. An article… Continue reading Plagiarism crime of passing other’s work as yours