Uganda and our Pretend Democracy

There are similarities between the current status quo post 2021 elections and the status quo post 2011 elections. Firstly, the amount of money that Uganda spends on elections, which elections are invariably always contested by those who are declared loser, makes one wonder why we even bother. Post elections, furthermore, the incumbent and who is… Continue reading Uganda and our Pretend Democracy

Crisis: ‘Big man’ leadership

The acrimonious relationships among leaders of Uganda’s political parties – intra and inter is interesting. It reveals how the multiparty 'democratic' elections system now practised in Uganda is based on a mistaken belief in it as a system that nurtures good governance. Among the worst injustices inflicted on Ugandans, moreover, are the billions of shillings that we… Continue reading Crisis: ‘Big man’ leadership

Trump’s Presidency & Hypocrisies of ‘the world’

Discourse around the refusal of President Donald J. Trump to concede defeat is fascinating. A major school of thought is that it is highly Machiavellian for US Senators to assert that the US presidential election results are faulty, while the results for the senators elected at the same time are okay.  How so poignant and… Continue reading Trump’s Presidency & Hypocrisies of ‘the world’

Why my vote for Dr. Stella Nyanzi

If I must vote in the Uganda 2021 elections, my line-up for Kampala definitely includes Dr. Stella Nyanzi for Woman Member of Parliament (MP). I love Dr. Nyanzi for she refuses to gentrify and to transmogrify, in order that she fits in with the traditional norms of how a woman campaigning for political office is… Continue reading Why my vote for Dr. Stella Nyanzi

Uganda at cross-roads 2021 Campaigns

Honestly, what are the presidential and parliamentary election campaigns for 2021 about? Sincerely. Are they worth it in this the era of the COVID-19 pandemic? Politicians crisscrossing the country attracting crowds, in some cases bought crowds are the norm, and with no concern that those crowds are easily transmitting the coronavirus! And the international community… Continue reading Uganda at cross-roads 2021 Campaigns