Oblivious Members of Parliament

But, in Uganda, ordinary people living undignified, deprived lives is the norm. And if our members of parliament are called out for contributing towards the status quo, they effectively, ask the deprived and poor, who cannot afford the proverbial bread, to go eat the proverbial cake.

Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System

Questions are valid to ask: Moses Ssekibogo (aka Mowzey Radio) RIP @ The Independent Would things have turned out different, if Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio had had access to a first class healthcare service shortly after he was beaten unconscious? Would things have turned out different for him if it had not been necessary… Continue reading Mowzey’s Death & Uganda’s Healthcare System

UNBS is Incompetent

I was prompted to visit the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) website because of the level of impurities in cereals on farmers’ markets in Uganda. And apparently: UNBS is “mandated to ensure fairness in trade and to enforce standards in protection of public health, safety and environment through market surveillance and sensitization”, so it… Continue reading UNBS is Incompetent