Discourse analysis & fact check of Police statement on Nabulime

Uganda Police Force (UPF): "The mother/housewife identified as Nabulime Dorothy, aged 22" has a "two-year-old daughter." ME: Which means she was a child bride and is a child mother. UPF: "The mother showed no sympathy, compassion and love, expected from a mother towards her 2-year-old daughter. Upon arrest, she was subjected to a mental health… Continue reading Discourse analysis & fact check of Police statement on Nabulime

Rid Policy of Gender-Based Violence

Hypocrisy of our MPs at its best. But such which is consistent with some institutionalised negative beliefs and practices in our communities in Uganda; including the legacies of negative conservative christian religiosity that was forced down our throats by colonial missionaries. We must detoxify and decolonize our minds so we may shun warped moralists who are vilifying school girls for getting pregnant; and moreover school girls who are likely being impregnated by men of stature and old age.

Leaders of #Africa Get Real!

Now as the District Commissioner was saying about "efforts aimed at curbing pregnancies among school children", do those efforts include disabling the function of penises of the men who insert theirs into school children?