Edeke, Iteso god of calamity

Today, Monday, 14th February 2022, there will be a requiem mass held at Namugongo Catholic Shrine, starting at 10:00 a.m., as part of the aipuduno ceremonies for Papa Emorimor Osuban, now rested. His soul will be prayed for to find eternal peace and the love of God, Edeke in Ateso. Interestingly, prior to colonisation and… Continue reading Edeke, Iteso god of calamity

Defend Bugingo for God allows polygamy

I wonder whose faith is skin-deep and is simply intoxicated by religion, as in Karl Marx's "religion is the opium of the people." Is it of the: Pastor who publicly humiliated his wife and sought to divorce her, in order that he marries his concubine? Followers who cheered their pastor on as he publicly humiliated… Continue reading Defend Bugingo for God allows polygamy

Conversations with my father on God named Edeke

Papa, it is fascinating how the modern day Christian God is referred to in Ateso as Edeke. This is because, before Christianity arrived in Teso, among the Iteso, Edeke was reportedly originally the god of calamity, who was dreaded and when things went wrong, it was the norm that Edeke was propitiated. “If sickness fell… Continue reading Conversations with my father on God named Edeke

#RethinkingMyConvictions: Alabama?

Watching the democratic process in Alabama and by extension the USA, it shocks me to the core about its revelation of the demons that form the basis on which Christianity is founded on. I could be wrong, but how is it at all possible that people who are supporting a man that is the very example of immorality do… Continue reading #RethinkingMyConvictions: Alabama?

Impose Church Tax on Kayanja Followers

“The Bible says ‘bring the 10% to the house of God, so there may be food,’” he said, adding that he had been able to build the magnificent Cathedral and completed many other projects through the tithe. Kayanja is quoted as having demanded a 10 percent cut from Uganda's national budget to be allocated to… Continue reading Impose Church Tax on Kayanja Followers