Food System of Iteso Degraded – Part II: ‘Urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The commercialisation of millet – growing it to sell to ajon commercial brewers - has caused a reduction in the availability of millet for food... And re-allocation of land from production of sorghum for food to production of Epuripur is a form of covert land grabbing which devastates food security in Teso.

“The Iteso” Connects Us With Our Roots

"The Iteso" articulates changes among Iteso and in Teso over a 50-year period. Here is a review I largely agree with. When I am called upon to advise and to contribute to how those seeking to practice our culture, it is from this book that I seek wisdom.

#TWENDE Let Us Kick #TB Out

“I commit to accelerate efforts to #EndTB”, Hon. Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng is quoted as having said. CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR) salutes Dr. Aceng and reassures her that she is not alone in pursuing this noble cause. CPAR is privileged to be among a consortium of scientists who are currently engaged in a study that… Continue reading #TWENDE Let Us Kick #TB Out