Early Morning Brief No. 1: Legislators, please read policy briefs

Dear Legislators, some of you are focusing already on your re-election campaigns and are busy dishing out ambulances and the like; and are self-congratulating yourselves for being for the people. As you are focused on that which is not your role, your negligence of your role is causing major strife among us the people. The… Continue reading Early Morning Brief No. 1: Legislators, please read policy briefs

Fact Check: Era of MPs gambling with speeches over or not?

“You will not speak if you have not done research; it must be evidence. The era of gambling with speeches is over… Let’s do research; the era of throwing figures and statistics whose sources are not known is over… we want when people read the Hansard, it is read as a document that can be… Continue reading Fact Check: Era of MPs gambling with speeches over or not?

Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure

For me, this is how I am doing it in my world of academia, as a practicing anthropological researcher, who has a specific interest in the preservation and natural evolution of knowledge systems of my people, the Iteso of Uganda. When, for example, I receive a request to participate as a respondent to a study… Continue reading Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure

Food System of Iteso Degraded – Part II: ‘Urban-slumitisation’ of villages

The commercialisation of millet – growing it to sell to ajon commercial brewers - has caused a reduction in the availability of millet for food... And re-allocation of land from production of sorghum for food to production of Epuripur is a form of covert land grabbing which devastates food security in Teso.

Book Review: “The Iteso”

The importance of well researched and well written books can not be overestimated. One such book is "The Iteso", by J.C.D. Lawrance for Eria Paulo Engulu, M.B.E., Chief Judge of Teso in the 1950s and his people. Since I got to learn of and to acquire "The Iteso" (photocopy of the full book), I feel… Continue reading Book Review: “The Iteso”