Cry Karamoja Women!

When push comes to shove, as the national cake is divided during a Cabinet meeting, whose interests will the current ministers of Karamoja Affairs prioritise? Will it be those of their constituencies in the greater south or those of the Karimojong?


It is shocking the negative public reaction that the Kabarole Woman Member of Parliament Ms. Sylvia Rwabogo is getting because she successfully sought justice against a 25 year old man who harassed her for eight months.How is it that the majority of the Ugandan public, including the so-called elites – women and men – seemingly condone the criminal’s actions – calling the MP at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, sending her lewd messages and graphic videos. How is this defined as love messages? We should indeed be scared about what is now considered ‘normal’ in Uganda.



Sylvia Rwabwogo

A few weeks ago a certain ‘young man’ named Brian Isiko was in the news for all the wrong reasons, but strangely some folks did accept the ‘wrongness’ of what he did. Tabloid sites were all over themselves proclaiming how Isiko had been jailed for love. It probably sounded better than writing what actually happened, that this adult man was sentenced to 2 years in prison for stalking and harassment of Sylvia Rwabwogo, who happens to be a Member of Parliament.

Predictably, social media went to town with it, and there were cries that the punishment was too harsh, that the ‘young man’ was only guilty of falling in love with a beautiful woman and expressing it, and that he should have been treated ‘fairly’; which to me is absolute poppycock.

First of all the naysayers and Isiko apologists refer to him as a young man; poppycock, again…

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