Why my vote for Dr. Stella Nyanzi

If I must vote in the Uganda 2021 elections, my line-up for Kampala definitely includes Dr. Stella Nyanzi for Woman Member of Parliament (MP). I love Dr. Nyanzi for she refuses to gentrify and to transmogrify, in order that she fits in with the traditional norms of how a woman campaigning for political office is… Continue reading Why my vote for Dr. Stella Nyanzi

GOU to buy pornography machine at 2.6b

Yes, one is not making this up at all. It is published in the Government of Uganda (GOU) owned national daily – The New Vision. The pornography detection machine (yes, one is not making this up) priced at 2.6 billion shillings is to be imported through a South Korean Company. Apparently, the pornography detection machine… Continue reading GOU to buy pornography machine at 2.6b

Bride Price: African Elites a Big Letdown

Some time back, Ugandans were jolted into our realities by the story of Alupot, the woman who was forced by her husband to breast feed dogs. This story rocked the core of humanity. Whilst many expressed their total disbelief that this could happen in Uganda, arguably, in reality, Alupot is not one of a kind… Continue reading Bride Price: African Elites a Big Letdown

Men behaving badly

President Museveni justified his accession to the homosexuality bill on the basis that he sought and got scientific opinions from scientists the world over. Including, Ugandan scientists affiliated to the departments of genetics, the school of medicine and the ministry of health. Apparently the scientists were unanimous in their conclusion that homosexuality is not genetic… Continue reading Men behaving badly