Blessed to know my roots and to be culturally rooted

Papa Odolot is the youngest of my late father's brothers and he is one of the two of my late grandfather's sons who are still alive. He is a trained teacher who taught in Kitagobwa, among other schools, in those days when teachers were to be respected or was it feared ... Those who know… Continue reading Blessed to know my roots and to be culturally rooted

We All Have That One Aunt

As a little girl, in the early 1970s, my parents had a temporary separation. I was probably two or three years old at the time. I stayed with my dad. My mum moved out and was busy with her job as an Air Hostess with East African Airways. Her working, was possibly one of the… Continue reading We All Have That One Aunt

Lying about one’s age is the norm in Uganda

Intentional lying about one’s age to fit or to qualify for something is a common practice in Uganda. However, it often catches up with one, especially so, when one is inconsistent. Meaning, de facto, that in order to get away with intentional lying about one’s age, one must make sure that one is consistent. And… Continue reading Lying about one’s age is the norm in Uganda

Food Manners

So, you can imagine the discomfort and shock that I experience now in my adult life, when the tables have turned and I am now among parents, and I hear or read derogatory comments of another's food from those who normally would be considered parents in the central logic of African culture.

Tandon’s Socialist Ideas Feasible: Uganda Back to Tribal Economics

Gone are the days when social mothers - women who have not biologically borne children but are mothers of many, were celebrated.