Lying about one’s age is the norm in Uganda

Intentional lying about one’s age to fit or to qualify for something is a common practice in Uganda. However, it often catches up with one, especially so, when one is inconsistent. Meaning, de facto, that in order to get away with intentional lying about one’s age, one must make sure that one is consistent. And… Continue reading Lying about one’s age is the norm in Uganda

Food Manners

So, you can imagine the discomfort and shock that I experience now in my adult life, when the tables have turned and I am now among parents, and I hear or read derogatory comments of another's food from those who normally would be considered parents in the central logic of African culture.

Museveni Ugandan Culture-Normal Man

Castigating President Museveni for his comments diverts attention from the fact, for example, that many married professional carrier women and politicians, such as Hon. Janet Museveni, who is currently not only the First Lady, but is also the Minister of Education, likely hardly do the cooking in their homes, if at all.

Misogyny so deeply rooted

What is with the "thank you for not shaming me" thingy at marriage ceremonies? You know, when the bride goes on her knees and thanks the groom for not shaming her, by not showing up for THEIR marriage ceremony. This is on my mind. I think it is a symptom of deep rooted misogyny that… Continue reading Misogyny so deeply rooted