Smell of coffee deal is in the air

The Uganda Vinci Coffee Company Ltd deal with government is simply but just the latest symptom of systemic government policy and practice that favours so-called foreign investors over Ugandan born genuine innovators and investors. Sadly, my thesis of 2014 continues to hold true; and thus my plea that we should close Uganda's market also continues… Continue reading Smell of coffee deal is in the air

Ugandan Farmers Are Net Buyers of Food

It is, in fact, policy of the President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni led National Resistance Movement party, which is the current Administration of the Republic of Uganda, to promote commercialisation of food crops. Promoting the growing of food crops as cash crops. It is thus simply Machiavellian for official government documents and discourse to refer to Ugandan smallholder farmers as peasants and or as subsistence farmers. It is long over due that we detoxify our discourse of culturally imperialistic descriptions that denigrate us.

Unfair Trade and Economic Injustice against Women in Uganda

"(Colonial government) officials, missions (Christian missionaries), and elite cotton-growing Africans (men) regarded women as too powerful and independent, threatening their progress agenda. They therefore saw official violence not as traditional or part of a defence of customary law, but as an innovative and progressive way of dealing with women who were central to the farming… Continue reading Unfair Trade and Economic Injustice against Women in Uganda

Domestic trade in Uganda?

When on a flight from Entebbe to Dar es Salaam, aboard Air Uganda, we were served: Yogurt from Jesa Farm, Wavah bottled water, pastries, tea, coffee, fruit juices and fresh fruits, all products made, grown and supplied by Ugandan owned companies. It was a proud Ugandan moment for me.

Close Uganda’s Market

The GOU favours foreigners in form of open access to the Ugandan market, while it has not done enough to protect the internal market share for its domestically made products. In a bid to attract the so-called foreign 'investors' they are given very lucrative tax incentives.