Women singly raising children deserve respect

Seemingly, the majority of children in Uganda are mostly raised by a female as the primary parent or guardian. The latest national household survey report, revealed that the majority, 45.8 percent, of persons aged 15 years and above have never married. Add the 6.1 percent who are divorced or separated and the percentage goes higher… Continue reading Women singly raising children deserve respect

Poverty, Mute MPs & the Gen.

Pallisa District is among areas of Uganda which have the highest concentration of poor people, with a poverty density of more than 100 people per square kilometre who are living on less than a dollar a day. This is according to findings of the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), published in the report: “The Spatial… Continue reading Poverty, Mute MPs & the Gen.

UBOS may be thinks like a “native informer”

Native informers are researchers who are used to provide raw material – in form of data – to foreign academics who process it and then re-export it back to Africa.

How is the Covid-19 cash relief calculated?

Tongues are wagging in our neighbourhood about the feasibility of the proposed Covid-19 lock down cash relief via mobile money. Some are weary about the implications of one’s mobile phone number being registered so as to receive assistance through it. After all, mobile phone numbers are tied to National Identification Numbers, bank accounts, and other… Continue reading How is the Covid-19 cash relief calculated?

Role of statistics in Ugandans’ day to day lives

A few days ago, as His Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni read his nth State of the Nation address, he got to a point where his speech writers had included statistics to back an argument in the speech. He paused a while and then explained that he felt uncomfortable reading out loud those statistics for… Continue reading Role of statistics in Ugandans’ day to day lives