Top Post – Letter to President Museveni

Since 2014 when I started blogging to date, the best performing post on my blog is: “Letter to President Museveni”. As of 28th January 2023, two days after the National Resistance Army (NRA)/National Resistance Movement (NRM) party celebrated its 37th anniversary since taking power militarily, “Letter to President Museveni” had received 8,243 views.

The majority of commentators have agreed with “Letter to President Museveni”, albeit pointing out how long it is. One such commentator, General Salim Saleh, brother to President Museveni, commented:

Norah kindly write an assessment of yourself over the same period. I would like to humbly award you 63.5% for your article. The remaining 36.5% is very difficult to achieve. Only God can.”

The PDF version is available to download here.

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