#SOTNUG17 Letter to President Museveni

Dear President Museveni,

I was not at Serena as you performed a duty that you are now so familiar with – delivering the State of the Nation Address. I am certain, however, that it is unlikely that you said something as profoundly new as the things that you said way back in your state of the nation addresses of the 1980s and 1990s. So, am thinking I should once again remind you of my letter to you which remains valid. It is time to retire Mr. President.

Whether the new President of Uganda after you Mr. President comes from the NRMO party or from whichever surviving opposition political party at the time, let it be the decision of Ugandans to make the choice, Mr. President.

You are the economist, Mr. President, and from where I sit your leadership seems now experiencing diminishing returns. It is time to retire. I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I remain among those who long for the day that you will be like your peers with whom you were heralded as Africa’s new breed of leaders who have retired and are living happily in their respective countries.

I am confident, Mr. President, that you will liberate yourself from the chains of the media single story of you. I pray that you will triumph as you always do and that you will transition into being our revered past president who continues to guide our nation, guide Africa and guide ‘the world’, while also personally tending to his beloved cattle in Rwakitura.

Wishing you good health, longevity, a successful final term and a happy retirement Mr. President.Yours sincerely, an active citizen of Uganda

Source: Letter to President Museveni

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