If IPOD failed to get political parties to dialogue, who or what will?

Loads happening in Uganda’s political party spaces, but sadly for many Ugandans not enough to inspire confidence that the plethora of our opposition political parties can ever agree to give and take for the greater good of peaceful transition of power at the level of the presidency. For many of us, we were depressed by the news that opposition parties, seemingly led by the National Unity Platform (NUP), frustrated and failed the Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD).

Considering that political parties in Uganda are chronically cash strapped and without sufficient funds to run party activities, let alone inter-party activities, one would have thought that the generous gift of IPOD, fully funded and administrated by the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) would have been graciously and gratefully welcomed by opposition parties. Not so. Which begs the question why so?

Why reject a fully funded initiative that provides political parties with an international platform to hold the ruling party to account and to provide alternative governance solutions?

What a let down for their international partners. Most especially those that emphatically supported them financially and also lent them their social capital. Reminds me of my post: “Uganda Politicians EU Supports and Why,” in which I concluded: “So, which of the Ugandan politicians does the EU and the global-west, in general, genuinely support and why? The jury is still out.”

Yes, the jury is still out, but the decision of NIMD to pull the plug on IPOD gives us a good indication of how it is going …

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