MLK’s Nobel Peace Prize speech 50 years later: Is it still relevant?

Unfortunately, anti-immigrant, racist and xenophobic tendencies are gaining support among conservative sections the world over. How sad that our current world order and socialisation processes are nurturing and producing this kind of evil. Whether it is a white supremacist, a fundamentalist nationalist, a fundamentalist Christian, a fundamentalist Jew, a fundamentalist Muslim, racists and xenophobia of all kinds, we have absolutely nothing to be glad about. I pray for healing at all levels – individual, family, community, regions, and the world – may we find humanity, may we find true wisdom. May we find the wisdom to utilise the wealth in the heritage bequeathed us by Martin Luther King.

One response to “MLK’s Nobel Peace Prize speech 50 years later: Is it still relevant?”

  1. You can tell man the importance of peace, but cannot force man to peace. All we go through today is a lesson that teaches us what we have to do to achieve the ever lasting peace we aspire. Even after our departure those following us will see the need for peace and justice, then go for it as best option.


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