Gulu elephant and Tusker

"Why is it that Tusker is the one that is welcoming visitors to Gulu City?" That is the question to which some of the leaders attending the Northern Uganda Accountability Conference in Gulu City on Thursday, 30th June 2022, demanded answered. I am not quite sure that the answers that were given satisfied those offended.… Continue reading Gulu elephant and Tusker

Memorial libraries needed

“Yoga (greetings) Norah, I am delighted to come across your blog. I have been enjoying your work on Radio One’s Spectrum Extra and now I am more than happy to continue loving your wonderful work. Eyalama noi (thank you very much)."Ilemut L’Okwii Emorukalet L’Omagoro, Ateker (clan) – Ibwongo Ikaribwok, Etale (totem) – Eswei (mushrooms), Katakwi… Continue reading Memorial libraries needed

Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

So, the other day, I dropped in to see my sister, Iretor Sikola, daughter of Papa Otim, a brother to my late father. I had heard she was not well, but look what I found. I found her seated in a shade sorting the damaged groundnuts from the good ones from her recent harvest.Iretor at… Continue reading Iteso groundnuts PHH and value addition

The reckoning is nigh, give back the land Azania

There is a push by South Africans to rename their country Azania; a name, which according to findings of empirical research, is the original name for the geography now named South Africa. The name Azania, goes beyond geography and it encapsulates a major historical phenomena, the slave trade. Apparently, it is Arab slavers who used… Continue reading The reckoning is nigh, give back the land Azania

Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure

For me, this is how I am doing it in my world of academia, as a practicing anthropological researcher, who has a specific interest in the preservation and natural evolution of knowledge systems of my people, the Iteso of Uganda. When, for example, I receive a request to participate as a respondent to a study… Continue reading Say no to ethnocide of customary land tenure