Children, the first victims in land grabs


The rights of children are unequivocal, regardless of circumstance The rights of children are unequivocal, regardless of circumstance

Since 1991 when the Organization of African Unity (now African Union) gazzetted June 16th the Day of the African child in memory of the children murdered in 1976 in a demonstration against the apartheid regime in Soweto, the day has become a day to remember those children and draw attention to the lives of African children today.
At Karamoja Development Forum, this has been an important day for us, and have previously covered issues regarding education, governance and peace in Karamoja, and have advocated for the rights of children.
This year however, we choose to draw particular attention to the rights of children affected in illegal and irresponsible land acquisitions and land grabs. In discussing this, we’d like to draw you to the attention of the children that have been affected by the land conflict involving the Uganda Prisons Service and…

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