Dig up the grass lawns and grow vegetables and guarantee all year food and nutrition security – lead by example.

CPAR Uganda Ltd

CPAR Uganda has partnered with Alinga Farms to add value to eboo (cow peas leaves) – vegetable sun drying using the indigenous knowledge of the Lango peoples of Uganda – one of the examples of CPAR Uganda’s genuine wealth creation initiatives – food for you good health and for income generation.

The CPAR Uganda Finance and Administration Assistant Officer, Mrs. Rose Aceng Okello, has kicked off the project with class. She is the woman who is behind the production and value addition side; while Alinga Farms is taking the lead in the packaging and marketing.

The demonstration has worked – organic food production in an urban setting and at home. Rose has put to good use the lawns at CPAR Uganda’s Gulu Base Camp – dug up the grass and grown vegetables. She is doing value addition using simple technology – the leaves placed on a raised drying rack that…

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