“Some NGOs, no footprints”, Minister Rwamirama

Yesterday, 8th July 2016 during the official launch of the Send a Cow 2015-2020 Strategy at Hotel Africana, Government of Uganda (GoU) Minister  Bright Kanyontore Rwamirama questioned the work of some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which according to him in some cases is seemingly non-existent.

Send a Cow he observed was unlike other NGOs, which are there, but you do not know what they do and that they have no footprints behind them. He assured Send a Cow that the GoU appreciates the enormous contribution of Send a Cow towards poverty alleviation through its economic empowerment efforts.

He praised that Send a Cow is a very credible organisation. From a farming perspective, he said, he thanked them for their contribution in the dairy sector – noting that Send a Cow has the capacity to stimulate milk production in Uganda to the volume for export.

According to him, in his experience as a GoU Minister for 11 years in the animal industry there were three NGOs which he can publically say did a good job – Send a Cow, Heifer International and Sasakawa Global 2000. He shared that these are NGOs which work with the Ministry and work with the communities. They do not hide anything, he said.

He promised to work with Send a Cow to reach the hearts of soldiers – past and present – for soldiers are already in organised groupings. He promised to initiate communication soon so that Send a Cow and the GoU can enter into a memorandum of understanding so that they can touch the lives of soldiers and their families.

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