The big joke that is FUFA

“To make it worse, just before the Cranes-Comoros match, Magogo promised the players US$10,000 each if they won. Not only have they not got that money, but even the usual $2,000 bonus has not been forthcoming. But Magogo continues to hold press conferences and tell off the public.” Read more


Comedy is a big thing in Uganda these days, and everyday sees a new act join the fray. The likes of Pablo Kimuli, Patrick Idringi and Anne Kansiime have become household names and have laughed all the way to the bank.

But nobody has laughed to the bank more than the Federation of Uganda Football Associations, more commonly known by is acronym FUFA. We really should be crying at what’s going on in football, but grown men (and women)don’t cry, so let’s all have a big laugh as we count down the ways FUFA is a big joke.

First, for as long as I remember, there have been wrangles in FUFA, both internally and with outsiders, especially the government. An early memory brings back the face-off between the then FUFA President Ssemanobe and then Education and Sports Minister Amama Mushega. Fresh from…

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