Tuberculosis can become a weapon of mass destruction

“It is where she was working as a maid for Indians that is where she got the problem. When you are cooking their food you have to put a lot of chillies in it,” explained Mother of how she believes her teenage Daughter got infected with pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). This was April 2017, during an interview with CPAR Uganda Ltd (CPAR).

Shortly after Daughter returned home from town, according to Mother, “one evening she vomited a lot of blood at around 5:00 p.m.” On seeing his granddaughter vomit blood, he apparently cried out in resignation: “she is finished, she is going to die.” Mother said that she remained strong and that she re-assured her father: “In the name of Jesus, she is not going to die.”

They went to the “main government hospital”, where, according to Mother, a medical doctor told them that there was no cure, but for surgery to remove a “hernia in the heart.” Unable to afford heart surgery they returned home, but someone advised Mother to get Shs. 30,000/= and take Daughter to see a visiting doctor. He worked in a referral hospital in town, but periodically run clinics in rural areas.

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2 responses to “Tuberculosis can become a weapon of mass destruction”

  1. Went through tb peritonitis. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Many hospitals do not make right diagnosis. Headed up developing adhesions, laparoscopy done but 2 years down the line, I still feel the effects


    • Scola, sorry that you had to go through that which you cannot wish on your worst enemy. And THANK YOU FOR SHARING your experience. Sadly, it is the poor healthcare services that are killing Ugandans perhaps more than the diseases!


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