Sex Offenders disguised as ‘aid workers’

While cautiously praying that the GoU does not weaponise the Oxfam prostitution scandal against Oxfam in Uganda and all other civil society organisations in Uganda; at the same time I pray that we in Uganda take stock of this and reflect. Are we safe from such sex offenders disguised as ‘aid workers’ trading charity for sex?
What is the level of moral leadership of those who are doing civil society ‘development assistance’ in Uganda? How do we know that they are not as the BBC describes male offenders in the aid business as “predatory men in powerful positions, abusing their authority and their power?”
This scandal should cast a spotlight on all ‘aid workers’ both local and international. Have the men especially been thoroughly vetted or are we letting in sex offenders and handing them their victims on a platter.
There are indications moreover that ‘aid money’ in Uganda is mostly controlled by men and that those men wield significant power. What are Uganda’s own standards that those who hold powerful positions in charitable agencies must have? Do we have any? In other words, has the government established a national standard?
Uganda’s very own Winne Byanyima is at the helm of Oxfam and one has no doubt that she will do the needful. One wishes her the very best in riding this shit storm and pray that she will overcome in a way that the culprits are punished accordingly and the victims given reparations.

2 responses to “Sex Offenders disguised as ‘aid workers’”

  1. I think international aid money in Uganda is mostly controlled by women in both managerial and oversight functions of most of the beneficiary entities!


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