2018/19 Budget 2 be Disregarded 2

It has become the norm for the president to issue decrees that re-allocate resources from one approved budget vote to another un-budgeted vote.

What does this say about all those civil servants and politicians who made and approved the plans and budgets or were with him when they made or approved the budgets?

How does a presidential decree affect the work ethic of those civil servants and politicians who participated in making and approving the budget now dismissed by presidential decree?

Could the answer to this question perhaps be the reason government programmes are failing, for example?

What does it say about the value that individual citizens place in the formal institutions which ideally define Uganda – the written down policies, plans, laws, budgets, etc, when they are disregarded by Uganda’s fountain of honour?

When the president uses the public office that he holds to ‘bulldoze’ through decisions through presidential decrees, how might we, the citizens, feel about him?

When the president does not abide by norms and goals valued within Uganda – the stipulated roles of a president – is it not in fact counter-productive to celebrate the president? Is it not tantamount to celebrating a societal deviant?

After all, the president would necessarily be operating in violation of and in deviance of the social and governance structure of Uganda the nation-state, not so?

President Museveni has deviated so far off his promise in 1986 and of truly socialist economic transformation of Uganda in which the economy works for the citizens and not in which it works as a servant of external capitalists and their collaborators.

Photo Source: Nile Post

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One response to “2018/19 Budget 2 be Disregarded 2”

  1. Budget? What budget?

    And now we have “offensive utterances”!! Offensive to whom? Does use of the word utterances imply that if you write them down, they won’t be offensive?

    As Trump would say, “sad, sad, sad)

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