Capacity to Test for TB in North Uganda

We must always advise our people to go for TB testing the way we talk about HIV,” recommended a Greater Northern Uganda respondent of CPAR Uganda Ltd’s qualitative investigation into tuberculosis (TB) in Uganda.

Click here  to download and read the 5-page PDF of CPAR Uganda’s fifth TB research findings briefing which covers:

  • The need to test for TB
  • Availability of GeneXpert machines
  • Suitability of four modules GeneXpert machines
  • Functioning of GeneXpert machines.

PHOTO: Mr. Alex B. Okello, CPAR Uganda Finance Committee Chair; Hon. Betty Aol Ocan, Woman Member of Parliament for Gulu District and now Leader of Opposition in the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda; and Prof. Christopher Garimoi Orach, CPAR Uganda Board Chair during the high level workshops on TB that CPAR conducted as part of its qualitative investigation in to TB in Uganda.

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