Do Agribusiness while Culturally Rooted

As you can see, our Alinga Farms’ model, Valerie Alinga III, my niece who is named after me, Alinga II, and I named after my paternal grandmother, Joyce Mary Alinga (RIP), is not taking chances. While protecting herself by wearing a mask, she is also bringing to you important food items that help in ensuring that when you do get certain diseases, your body will be strong to fight back.

And, in any case, what is better than enjoying good health all year round. Through consumption of a healthy, nutritious and well balanced diet, we can. Yes, we can. And there is more, our bodies will be in better position to fight off disease. So:

Buy Ecaai pack and you get sundried and ground calyces of Hibiscus Sabdariffa fruit, Lemongrass, Spearmint leaves, and Ginger. All highly nutritious and medicinal ingredients for your teas, juices, and more.

Buy Atorot pack and you get of pure sundried calyces of Hibiscus Sabdariffa fruit.

Both, Ecaai and Atorot packs, are each only at Ug. shs 10,000 (ten thousand shillings), which is about US$ 3.00 (three US dollars). To order and to request a delivery to be made, call or WhatsApp us on +256 753 462 816 and our Catherine will do the needful – provide the necessary additional information. Payment is either cash on physical delivery; or mobile money before physical delivery.

Eyalama aanyun! We look forward to receiving your orders!

Click here and read more about our model of “do business while culturally rooted”

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