Passion fruits in my front yard garden!

This morning, I found when my first passion fruit in my front yard garden at home in Entebbe had self-harvested and dropped on the ground. It has a story.

Since I moved back home to Entebbe in 2016, in order to live close by and be the primary home caregiver for my papa, Ejakait Engineer George William Obityo Owaraga, now rested, I have made several unsuccessfully attempts to systematically grow passion fruits. Papa really loved passion fruit juice and I do too.

This was 2017 and it didn’t bear fruit

Anyway, I gave up the systematic planting of passion fruits and then a few months ago I noticed a passion fruit that had grown wild from seeds we had poured away as manure, after we had extracted the juice. I was cautiously optimistic. All I did was to place an old tyre around it so that I could target it with organic manure – cut offs, peelings, etc.

And then papa was taken I’ll and was hospitalized for days, after which he rested on the early morning of 1st November 2020. I never noticed much during that time. But, the day that I returned from our ancestral home after the burial of papa, I noticed that the passion fruit had started fruiting and I was so excited.

Nearly two and half months since papa died, small beautiful things keep happening to me and around me, which convince me that papa’s spirit is watching over me and making sure am okay. 

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