Here is my vote for wildlife conservation

Sometimes back, a decade ago, I think, I went on holiday to Kenya with someone I shouldn’t have been holidaying with it turned out. But even while I was in the pain that came with me realizing it, I was still able to soldier on the holiday by finding refuge in taking good pictures of magnificent gifts of nature.

I stored my pictures on my small meeting laptop and I forgot about them completely. Recently, when our tech support teams were migrating me to new computers and upgrading my gadgets, they did backups. I am reviewing the backups to see what to keep and what not to keep and that is how I found these fabulous pictures of this magnificent giraffe and of other animals in the wild.

Oh my! I am glad I took these pictures; pictures that now remind me of how I came out of that situation with my head held high!

Interestingly, by the way, it would appear that even then, I think, as I did a good job of masking my hurt and anger, so as not to prematurely end the holiday and or so as not to give the one whose name shall not be mentioned the satisfaction, I had the presence of mind to erase all the pictures in which the human whose name shall not be mentioned appeared 🤣🤣🤣

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