Kakwenza, will you survive this time round?

Dear Kakwenza,

In 2020, your “The Greedy Barbarian” rubbed the handlers of our head of state the wrong way; as did Denis Cecil Hills’ “The White Pumpkin”, rub handlers of another of our heads of state the wrong way, for in it Hills likened the head of state to a “Village Tyrant.”

Like Hills you underwent brutal illegal detention, and were eventually released.

But, sincerely, since you yourself authored the book “Banana Republic where writing is treasonous” some are starting to say that your current woes are different and that you might not survive this time.

First of, it is not the head of state that you have rubbed the wrong way this time, but the first son; and who is a general in the military.

  • Will he that you have offended choose to behave like a “Village Tyrant” and execute you?
  • Will he that you have offended choose to rise above and prove you wrong that he is a statesman after all?

Kakwenza, dear, the jury is still out and so you remain in our thoughts and prayers. May you find the strength to withstand and to come out stronger.

Happier times. Kakwenza at Alinga Farms shop in Bugolobi enjoying their signature hibiscus sabdariffa drink.

I pray for a time when we in Uganda will be able to explore other choices when confronted with writing that offends us. Choices such as:

  • If what I write offends you, don’t read it.
  • If what I write about you isn’t true ignore it or sue me.
  • If what I write about you makes you act how I have described you then who is fooling who.

Writing is not a crime.

One response to “Kakwenza, will you survive this time round?”

  1. Let us write responsible, we may cheer him up but no hero’s in graves, only victims will be his family. Let’s also not forget some writers have used it to seek head of State attention, don’t be surprised Kakwenza ends up being Press secretary for state house,


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