Rewarding culture of saving for investment

So, on Thursday, I had the opportunity to go into the city for work. I used the chance also to go to my favorite Capital Shopper’s supermarket branch, the one at Nakawa. You see, it is only there that I usually find my favorite hair and skin products. When I do find them I buy in bulk to last months.

I was lucky, both my favorite skin and hair products were in stock. I grabbed some and dashed to the till. At the till I presented by reward card so I could get more points, and therefore, more cash added on. To my surprise, the reward card system has been retired! Apparently, because of Uganda Revenue Authority. I didn’t quite the details how so.

But then, one of the attendants asked me: Is there money on your card?” I answered: “I think so, but probably not that much, if at all.” And he says: “Give me your card, I take it the office to check if there is money and how much. You can credit it against your purchase.”

I decided that instead of my credits being utilised for skin and hair products, I wanted to get an asset that would for posterity remind me of how, perhaps unintentionally, Capital Shoppers championed the culture of saving and investment. I paid for my skin and hair products and followed the attendant to the office to establish if I had reward credits.

True to the Capital Shopper’s slogan, “Set to Satisfy,” I was pleasantly surprised when I was told that I credit worth Ug.Shs. 79,000, which I could claim against my next purchase. And so it was that I am now the proud owner of two practical and functional assets, which I have coveted for years:

A rechargeable desk lamp for my reading and work desk

A manual fruit and vegetable chopper for my kitchen

Thank you Capital Shopper’s

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