Moral conduct expected of a representative of the President, RDC

There has to be a minimum standard of moral conduct expected of one representing the President and or delegated by the President. RDC Akullu Gillian Omara’s conduct is not it. In fact, one with such unacceptable conduct shouldn’t be among those that the President chooses to represent State House Uganda as a Resident District Commissioner (RDC).

In Otuke, she ordered the destruction of rice fields of rice that was about to mature and which she could have waited until after the harvest for her to implement the presidential directive of no farming in swamps. But, she did not wait, she lacked the commonsense to deduce that the destruction of rice fields in a district which was already on hunger alert, due to loss of food crops in-field, due to severe weather is counter productive for the ruling National Resistance Movement – NRM in the implementation of its manifesto.

Rice fields in Otuke mowed and slashed down on the order of RDC Akullu Gilliam Omara – Photo credit @ Monitor

Worse still, RDC Akullu’s orders resulted in actions murderous for the households of the smallholder farmers whose rice was destroyed; and for our country as a whole for that is our food that she destroyed; as well as our Gross Domestic Product that she destroyed, and yet we yearn to be a middle income country. And on this I agree with The Observer that “RDC Gillian Akullu should be retired in public interest.”

In Oyam, first, she misapplied the NGO Act in her attempt to landgrab. She was stopped through a court awarded Temporary Injunction, but which she ignored still and in contempt of court, her and her collaborators ploughed ahead to grab the land and buildings of a nonprofit organisation in connivance with the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited.

It is only yesterday, moreover, when I heard, on Super FM radio, a Minister decry delays of government projects because of delays caused by landowners insisting to be paid compensation. The Minister did not point his finger towards government bodies, such as UETCL, who mishandled compensation matters as the root cause of the delays. Certainly, facilitated by RDC Akullu and her collaborators, UETCL mishandled compensation matters in relation to CPAR Uganda.

Is CPAR Uganda the only victim on the Karuma-Lira Power Line, I wonder?

And, importantly also, why sincerely why is the Attorney General’s Office used to defend officers, such as Akullu, who commit crimes in their individual capacity? It simply does not add up. Anyway, dear patriots, there are many Ugandans who simply want to do good for self and for country and they are being frustrated by people unfit to hold certain sensitive public offices.

If you are in a position to put a stop to it, please I beg you, do so.

Featured photo @ The Observer

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